Great Songs For A Horse-Lover Party Mix Tape

So you are planning on throwing a party for you and all your horse-loving friends. What better way to celebrate these majestic creatures than with a mix tape? A good mix tape can be used to bring smiles to your party-goers faces or it can be used as a gift.

"Heavy Horses" By Jethro Tull

Although this late 70s song is nearly nine minutes long (and integrates a wide variety of music, from folk, rock, and orchestral tunes) it is relatively accessible and easy to enjoy. It is a great way to start a horse-themed mix tape: it has energy, an epic feel, and is dedicated to the heavy horses that Jethro Tull singer Ian Anderson loved so much.

"Back In The Saddle" By Aerosmith

In the 70s, Aerosmith had a slew of great songs, but few were as hard hitting as this tune. Even if it's not technically about horses, it's galloping rhythm purposefully mimics the sound of a horse. The band used it to kick off their classic album "Rocks," but you can slot it in anywhere for maximum effectiveness.

"Horse With No Name" By America

Bring down the tempo of your party a little bit with this classic folk song by America. It's catchy refrain helped guarantee it was a major hit on the charts and its oblique lyrics still have people debating the meaning. Why is the singer in the desert? Who knows.

"Pony Boy" by Bruce Springsteen

Few American songwriters have created such a distinctive and expressive body as work as Bruce Springsteen. This late 80s classic has a nice tempo and romantic lyrics about taking a girl on a ride on a horse. Another perfect song to slow down the pace at a party.

Other Songs To Consider

There isn't enough room to truly go in depth on all the great horse related songs you could use. The following list includes several more you can include on your list. The genre is in parenthesis after each song to give you a guide for creating a varied list. Remember to vary a spread of two to four fast songs with two to three slow songs to produce a nice flow:

  • "Strawberry Roan" by Marty Robbins (country)
  • "Three Horses by Joan Baez (folk)
  • "Who's Going To Ride Your Wild Horses?" by U2 (pop rock)
  • "Horse Power" (with actual horse whinny) by The Chemical Brothers (electronic)
  • "Horses" by Patti Smith (punk rock)

Although there are plenty of other horse-related songs, these are among the most popular and exciting. Their wide mix of genres and tempos helps create a distinctive party and mix tape that anyone can love. If giving it as a gift, wrap it with brown ribbons to create cool braids! Contact a gift company like Sigoli Gifts or another location for more ideas and inspiration.