Divine Decorating: How To Display And Use A Praying Hands Religious Figurine In Interior Design

With all the negativity in the world today, everyone needs a little inspiration in the home. A praying hands religious figurine is one item that can bring peace and hope to any room of your home when displayed alone or with other decorating elements. It is also a great choice for creating a focal point in a prayer closet or home office.

Ambient display

Ambient light always adds a sense of warmth to interior decorating and can help create a peaceful atmosphere in a room. For the kitchen or dining room table, create a serene display by placing a praying hands figurine on a charger plate with some greenery and a flameless candle with an automatic timer. It will be a great reminder to pray and not worry as you sit down to enjoy a meal.

Seasonal display

A praying hands religious figurine makes a great addition to any seasonal or holiday décor. Use it to create a grouping to celebrate religious holidays. For instance, you can make a tabletop grouping with colored grass, plastic eggs, and a cross to pair with your praying hands figurine to decorate an accent table for Easter. 

For a seasonal summer display, pair your praying hands figurine with a fresh bouquet of flowers in a vase to dress up a corner of the kitchen counter. It will also look lovely when displayed on an entryway table to welcome guests to your home. For a winter seasonal display, use the praying hands figurine with a vase of flocked greenery for a serene wintry scene.      

Stand-alone display

If you have a prayer closet or prayer room, a praying hands religious figurine will make a great focal point in the room. Placed by itself on a corner table, it will remind you of the importance of praying for others and will keep your focus on prayer and not getting distracted.

Using a praying hands figurine alone on a bedside stand is a great visual reminder to pray before you retire for the night or upon waking in the morning. In the home office it can be useful as a tool for meditation to relieve stress, as you focus on its beauty and remember to pray about your concerns or workday stress.

Small but powerful, a praying hands religious figurine will make a great addition to your home décor. No matter what room it is used in, it is sure to bring a sense of comfort and joy to your interior design. Divinely displayed, your praying hands figurine will be a source of hope and inspiration for you and your guests. Contact a company like Bethlehem Handicrafts to learn more.