3 Spots To Hang A Barrel Head Clock In Your Home

If you're looking for a large wall clock that has a rustic appearance, online vendors will have countless options for you to consider. One idea that may catch your eye is a stamp barrel head clock. This wooden clock is made from the head of an alcohol barrel — typically one that held whiskey, although other options may be available. These clocks can vary significantly in appearance, as the color and even the condition of the wood can differ. If you're interested in buying one of these clocks, it's useful to first think about where you'll hang it. Here are three worthwhile spots.

Dining Room

Many dining rooms are spacious, which means that it's often possible to hang a large decorative item on the wall without it feeling too big. This can be a good spot in your home for a barrel head clock. Not only is the wall of a suitable size, but the connection with alcoholic beverages in this part of the home can also work well. You might enjoy sipping whiskey with some friends after dinner as you relax around the table, so a clock that came from a whiskey barrel can feel appropriate. If you have a rustic-looking dining room table, this type of clock will be a perfect visual fit.

Home Bar

If you have a home bar in your basement or elsewhere in your residence, this is a prime area to consider hanging a barrel head clock. The clock's connection with alcohol is a good fit in this area. Some of these clocks even feature a stamp from a specific distillery; if you buy one that has this marking, it can be fun to make sure that you have a few bottles from the distillery in stock to offer your guests when you entertain in your home bar.


Another good spot to consider hanging your barrel head clock is in your sunroom. This is an area that often has a casual vibe, so the look of the clock will suit the space. It's handy to be able to check the time when you're in your sunroom, too. If you're the type of person who purposely doesn't take your phone with you when you go into the sunroom to relax, you'll appreciate being able to monitor the time by glancing at your clock. Given that sunrooms often have three glass walls, you'll likely want to hang the clock on the fourth wall so that it doesn't block your view of the outdoors.