Great Songs For A Horse-Lover Party Mix Tape

So you are planning on throwing a party for you and all your horse-loving friends. What better way to celebrate these majestic creatures than with a mix tape? A good mix tape can be used to bring smiles to your party-goers faces or it can be used as a gift. "Heavy Horses" By Jethro Tull Although this late 70s song is nearly nine minutes long (and integrates a wide variety of music, from folk, rock, and orchestral tunes) it is relatively accessible and easy to enjoy.

A Beginner Guide On How To Avoid Damaging Rare Coins

If you are just starting to build a rare coin collection, it is vital that you learn how to handle your coins. Handling your coins incorrectly can damage your coins and reduce their value. Here are a few you need to be mindful of in order to avoid accidentally damaging your coins.  #1 Always Wear Gloves You should never touch a rare coin with your bare hands. Your hands have oils as well as microscopic grime on them that will transfer onto the coin when you touch it with your bare hands.

Three Types Of "Silver" That Jewelry Customers Need To Be Aware Of

If you have jewelry that you think is silver, and you're wondering how much you can sell it for, make sure it's real silver first. As with gold, silver can be modified and mixed with other metals to form jewelry that actually has no real silver value despite its appearance. The piece itself can look beautiful -- and you never know what value the cosmetic aspect could give the piece -- but if you're hoping for simple silver scrap value, you need to get the piece checked out before assuming you can get any money for it.

Converting A Power Toothbrush Into A Paintbrush Cleaner

Cleaning paintbrushes can be a pain, especially if you don't want to get paint all over your hands. And automatic paintbrush cleaners can be pricey. However, you can easily convert a power toothbrush into a simple paintbrush cleaner with little or no effort. Wait, You Can Clean With Power Toothbrushes? Absolutely! After all, you're cleaning your teeth with one: why not convert an old one into a specialized cleaning tool? In fact, people often suggest using a power toothbrush as a spot cleaner in the bathroom, as the bristles are strong enough to handle anti-bacterial soaps and micro-abrasive bathroom cleaners.